Top 5 Blackjack Stories Up Till 2018

Top 5 Blackjack Stories Up Till 2018

 Top 5 Casino Blackjack Stories

There are a lot of question when it comes to playing blackjack. Most often we ask ourselves, “did that actually happen?”. Well, if you read these stories then you’ll find out that they often happen more than just once. There are also extra interesting cases in the lineup.

1) Unexpected Help From A Ploppy

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Blackjack Apprentice has many stories involving blackjack from the community. Some of which are downright rare. Here’s a story on how one of the forum members got saved by a ploppy!
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2) Counting Card Failure

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This story is from a member of Covers who failed to count his cards properly but still end up winning the round. Now that is what I would call “Blind luck” when it comes to luck games.
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3) Students Hacking A Casino

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BBC reported, in 2014 a team of students bested a casino at their own game. Can you believe that? Student getting money from a casino by exploiting their system. This is amazing really.
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4) FedEx Came From Blackjack?


FedEx CEO funded his company from Blackjack winnings at the start of his career! He made a one hit wonder and had probably invested the money into his businesses.
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5) Crazy Wins At The Table


Herej’s the low down on the craziest wins on the casino table so far. These big wins grant bigger responsibility for those in seek of a second chance!

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Conclusion, expect the unexpected because not everything can go your way when it comes to caution, every casino business owner needs to know the signs of a good time to throw on the table. This also depends on what you want to invest in.

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