Fifa Octopus Eaten | World Cup 2018 Betting Predictions

Fifa Octopus Eaten | World Cup 2018 Betting Predictions

Did the Octopus Eaten by them?

The famous Fifa octopus that had accurately predicted the results of 3 matches when Japan’s National  Football Team at the World Cup in Russia has been sold and eaten.

World cup fans were horrified to learn that Rabiot the fifa octopus was still alive when dropped into a boiling pot and chopped to bits before being served as a dish not long before the Japan vs Belgium match according to Sora News 24.


Rabiot the fifa predicting octopus

The fisherman, Kimino Abe, told to reporters that he had to sell the animal to keep his business alive. So much for keeping a seafood business alive by getting rid of the one animal that made his business famous.

Mr.Abe said that he was happy that all the predictions made by Rabiot turned out accurate and Japan moved on to the knockout stage of the matches – Mainichi Shimbun Reporter

The creature also predicted other various matches that lead to the betting craze of watching the octopus when a match was about to start. They positioned the octopus in front of a TV playing the Fifa World Cup Matches live and watched as the octopus chooses which basket in his aquarium which represented a certain team or draw.

We figured out the Idea as just a joke and random game. Never would have though that Rabiot would get to be come so famously known – Owner Mr.Abe

On Monday, Japan lost to the Belgians by 2-3 as the decisive goal was scored at the mere last minutes of the match.

Rabiot octopus eaten seafood

Did killing the Fifa octopus affected Japan’s World Cup Match outcome?

Most of us don’t believe in hokus-pocus when it comes to predicting matches but when it comes to a match this time, turns out that the fifa octopus should’ve been kept alive till only after the World Cup. Superstitions aside, the Belgian we’re formidable opponents as well and there is no doubt that they deserve to carry the win back whether or not it was because of an extremely amazing octopus.

Should you bet on the new Fifa octopus they have now?

It is not all sad and blue though as they found a replacement octopus called Rabiot Jr. This time, Japanese fans should look out for their favorite octopus by dining at the restaurant that the octopus resides in. Online casino betting should also avoid the use of superstitious guessing.

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    I hope this octopus can predict for the Russia cup now

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    Salute to this octopus, you had done the great job

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    Why they eat such talent and intelligent octopus 🙁

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